Personal Development Articles

Here you find useful Personal Development Articles. They are divided into the following 3 pillars:
1. Our context:
The Modern World
2. Ourself:
Self Development
3. The people around us: Community Development

Our Modern World

Biologically speaking, we are hunters and gatherers. We were living like that for more than 100.000 years. In the past 4000 years our world has changed dramatically. Faster than our bodies could adapt. Understanding, where we come from and the modern world’s impact on our body, mind and spirit is the basis for our personal development.

Self Development

When we’re ready to take responsibility for our life this is were to start: Improving ourselves. Mind, body and spirit. This is where we have all the power. Understand what we can and need to do. Setting goals and achieving them. This is the basis for unlocking our potential. Reading self-help books is not enough. We need to take action.

Community Development

We are social beings. We all need a community of people that supports us. We largely benefit from constructive relationships with family and friends or at work. But what do constructive relationships look like? How can we create them? And how do we prevent toxic relationships?