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Our Modern World

Before starting our personal development towards a better life, we must understand the modern world that we live in and how it effects us. Start with the basis!

Here you find useful articles about different aspects of the modern world that we live in:

Burning man in our modern world

About Perfection in a Modern World:

What is a perfect life in our modern world and who decides about it? Before we start developing ourselves personally in the pursuit of a better, more fulfilling life, we should think about the context that we live in. Truth is we live in an ever faster changing world, where the media teach us about what a good life should look like. What perfection is. So we rush. Rush to fulfill these requirements. Rush to achieving a dream. But whose dream is it?

Humans in Our Modern World

Human Centricity in Our Modern World Explained:

Modern, successful organizations put people at the center of everything they do. There are two sides to it: Happy employees make for happy customers.

6 Reasons to Embrace Being a Generalist Explained:

Generalists have a reputation of doing anything a little but not to do anything right. For many, this causes problems. Here are some advantages to being a generalist: Methodology knowhow, flexibility, communication, decision making, understanding the bigger picture and the future of work.
Right. Now what does that mean? And how does it relate to personal development a to leading a better life? Find out more in the complete article!

Biker in our modern world takes ownership of his ride

Responsibility in Our Modern World Explained:

It's the key to true freedom. It's how we can put ourselves back into the driver seat of our life. To do this we need the following ingredients:
Awareness & Desire
Ownership for our thoughts and actions

By complaining or blaming other people or circumstances we give away our power.
Find out more!

System Thinking in our modern world

System Thinking Explained:

Why should we use it to solve problems?
Because it takes into consideration the whole context of the problem and prevents from undesired side effects.
How can we apply it?
First, we must understand how all aspects are interconnected and how they align. How Synthesis is created. What cause-and-effect-relationships as well as what feedback-loops exist. We can do this with system maps. Find out more!

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