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Self Development

Self Development, also called Self Improvement, is the heart of Personal Development. This is where we have freedom of choice. We can choose to become better every day. We can choose to put in the work. This is what sets apart successful self-developers from unsuccessful ones: Taking action instead of just reading about it. 

Here you find useful articles with actionable advice for your self-care journey:

Self Development with the Inner Child covering its eyes

Our Subconscious Mind & the Inner Child Explained:

The subconscious mind is responsible for more than 90% of our feelings and behavior. Research shows that all of our actions are preceded by subconscious activities.
This part of our mind takes up all information that we are exposed to. Until the age of 6 or 7 it does so without challenging new information. It just accepts everything we're presented with as true.
All our life experiences are stored here. This includes all types of trauma. They are held by what is in psychology referred to as "The Inner Child".
If we want to understand and heal ourselves, we must start here. Find our more!

Self Development with 4 effective meditations by the sea

4 Highly Effective Meditation Techniques Explained:

Sometimes our meditation progress stagnates. These 4 powerful methods can help to reach the next level.

Self Development Article: Design Thinking for Personal Development

Design Thinking for Self Development Explained:

What's good for business can be good for self-care, too. This article walks you through all the steps of the Design Thinking Process, providing you with examples for your life development.

Self Development Article: Most Skill for Happiness

Self Development Article #1: The Most Important Skill for Happiness Explained:

Master the art of being alone. Because if you like the person that you are with when you're alone, you'll never be alone. Find out more!

Self Development Article in 60 Steps

60 Small Ways That Make Your Life Better

In this self development article Marelisa Fabrega, lawyer, entrepreneur and productivity guru, shares with you a plan for the next 100 days to get more our of life.

Growth Mindset for Self Development

The Growth Mindset in Self Development Explained:

The mindset is the main factor that sets apart successful from unsuccessful people as described by Carol Dweck. Here are 5 ways to change your mindset and to become more successful:
1. Changing your beliefs
2. Looking for challenges that scare you
3. Applying new Learnings
4. Altering your language
5. Analyzing your role models

So what exactly does that mean? Find out more!

Motivation Killer Signs in Self Development

Motivation Killers Explained:

Sometimes we just lack the drive to get things done. While I cannot tell you how to get infinite motivation, I can explain the 9 most common obstacles for your motivation and how to overcome them. These include:
1. Missing purpose
2. Ignoring the rules of biology
3. Perfectionism
4. Exposure to temptations
5. Indecisiveness
6. Feeling forced
7. Waiting for the right moment
8. Thinking too much about the past or the future
9. Overwhelmingly big tasks
Check here for tips on how to avoid these drawbacks!

Self Development with Mini Meditations on a Mountain

Let's Do It Everywhere - Mini Meditations for Self Development Explained:

Try these Meditations to brighten your day and rewire your brain:
1 Mini Mindfulness Session
2 Fast Inner Child Work
3 Quick Future Visualization
Find out more!

Self Development Article: Life Hacks

6 Easy Life Hacks to Develop Yourself Explained:

Enhance Health, Motivation and Performance with:
1 Meditation Techniques
2 Breath Work
3 Cold Exposure
4 Optimized Nutrition
5 Digital Detoxes
6 Full Ownership
Find out more!

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