Who Am I?

Mind Researcher & Life Development Enthusiast     

     Problem Solver & System Thinker     

     Meditator & Free Spirit

I combine and apply proven practices from the fields of health, psychology, productivity and business to Life Development.  

I share my insights.

My Mission
Is Life Development

To find, apply and share the keys to a balanced and fulfilling life.

To be an inspiration and a companion to everybody that is seriously looking to self-improve by providing stories and insights from my own journey and research.

To build a community of self-developers where people that truly look for a better life help each other thrive. Because everybody is a teacher.

To be mindful in this journey and to enjoy the ride. Because life happens in the present moment.

My Experiences

Education: Master of Engineering

Profession: IT & Management Consultant

Life Development: 10 years experience in Personal Development, researching and applying different techniques in the fields of health, psychology, and productivity.

Author: Sharing the insights from my journey of personal development on Medium.

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Life Development with Alex

My Core Values

We make thousands of decisions each day. Many are easy. But life presents us with hard choices, too. Again and again. If we are not certain of our own values, we are more likely to fall prey to temptations and to being misguided – to make decisions that cause compromise to our journey. Therefore, having strong and consistent values not only guides us but also enables us to make decisions faster with less mental effort.

  • Radical Honesty
    If we're not radically honest with ourselves, we will never see things for what they really are and thus can't accept them as such. If we don't have a clear understanding and acceptance of the situation we cannot start our life development properly.
  • Continuous Growth
    The only true constant in life is change. We are exposed to new information all the time. If we're not open-minded and don't continuously learn and adapt we will soon find ourselves struggling with life's challenges. Opening our mind to challenge existing beliefs and adapting if necessary is the answer. That's Continuous Growth.
  • Integrity
    Choosing courage over comfort. Choosing what's right over whats, easy, fun or fast. It's not enough to just have moral and ethical principles. We must apply and follow them continuously. No matter who is watching.
  • Full Responsibility
    If we want to be in control over our life and emotions we must accept full responsibility. Responsibility for out thoughts, feelings and actions. Life doesn't owe us anything. Blaming other people or circumstances means giving up control. Instead we should always ask: what's our part in this? What can we do about it? And then take action accordingly.
  • Unconditional Acceptance and Respect within Ethical Boundaries
    We all have our own unique life experiences. The concatenation of these of these experiences makes up who we are. It creates our own unique perspective on life. Judging others for having a different perspective that we cannot comprehend doesn’t make sense. Instead, we must accept that we cannot fully understand why people are the way they are. We must respect it just as we respect our own life experiences and perspectives. Then we can decide who we want to surround ourselves with. We can create and apply our ethical boundaries.