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Community Development

We are social beings. So we need people around us. While you can’t choose your family you can create the relationships that you want to have. With family, friends or colleagues. Constructive, respectful and loving. We call this “Community Development”. Choosing the people that we want to surround ourselves with and establishing strong and positive bonds.

Here you find useful articles about relationship dynamics and community building:

Mindfulness for Communities and Organizations Explained:

Mindfulness has experienced a big surge in popularity. This is because Mindfulness practitioners get real and sustainable benefits. Also, enough research has been conducted on Mindfulness. Science can now proof its many benefits. Reason enough to look at how we can implement mindfulness in our organizations and communities.

Toxic Relationships and Community building

Toxic Relationships Explained:

There are a few simple ways to recognize toxic relationships. Once we become aware of these types of destructive relationship patterns, we can change them. Furthermore, we can learn how to prevent them. We have the power. With this article we share powerful insights and actionable advice on the matter. Find out more, and apply it to your relationships today!

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