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Understand and love yourself first, because that’s who you have to spend the rest of your life with.​

About Personal Development

It isn’t about being the best at everything.

Personal Development is about living with a purpose and fulfilling our potential in an authentic way.

This site gives you the complete personal development guide with easy-to-digest information for a better life.

Personal Development with Alex

We all have a busy everyday life. We want to improve but we don’t want to be overwhelmed by all the practices and ideas for a better life. Instead we want to focus on one aspect at a time. One activity that can be integrated into our life until it becomes a habit. Then we can move on to the next aspect. 

So first, we must find out where we are on these different dimensions of a fulfilled life. Then we can figure out what steps to take next. 

How do you rate your life quality on these dimensions?



Quality of Relationships


Job Satisfaction






Overall Happiness


Once we understand our situation, we can fire up our Personal Development.

I strongly believe, that for true success and a fulfilled life, we have to be in balance. That means, that all these dimensions, that make up our life get the attention and energy that they deserve. I belief in a holistic approach to a better life:

The holistic approach to personal development and Success

Our Modern World

Biologically speaking, we are hunters and gatherers. We were living like that for more than 100.000 years. In the past 4000 years our world has changed dramatically. Faster than our bodies could adapt. Understanding, where we come from and the modern world’s impact on our body, mind and spirit is the basis for our personal development.

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Self Development

What we can do to develop ourselves. This is where we have all the power. Understand what we can and need to do. Setting goals and achieving them. This is the basis for unlocking our potential. Reading self-help books is not enough. We need to take action.

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Community Development

We are social beings. We all need a community of people that supports us. We largely benefit from constructive relationships with family and friends or at work. But what do constructive relationships look like? How can we create them? And how do we prevent toxic relationships?

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