Perfection: A Reflection

Burning man in our modern world

Before we start developing ourselves personally in the pursuit of a better, more fulfilling life, we should think about the context that we live in. Truth is we live in an ever faster changing world, where media teach us about what a good life should look like. What perfection is. So we rush. Rush to fulfill these requirements:

I got to build my own business. To get that fancy new car and that condo overlooking the city. To do that trip to Bora Bora. At the same time, I must work my muscles to perfection, win that half-marathon on Hawaii, put on the newest fashion, and know everything about everything. And of course, I must show this to my 500.000 followers. When I get there, I’ll be happy.

If I don’t, I’ll just be another mediocre person entitled to mediocre friends, a mediocre life and halfway happiness.

It’s a lie. I got to do nothing. Except to accept that I’m not perfect. To accept those flaws that I have. To be honest to myself. To remember nobody is perfect, no matter how much they try to display that. To accept that nobody is ever gonna be perfect. Including me.

Instead, I find the truth in silence. I choose to visualize how I would like my life to be. The person that I want to be. A person that I would like. Because if I like the person that I am with when I’m alone I’ll never be alone.

I choose to take action. Small steps towards that direction. I learn to listen to my intuition and let it guide me. I learn to trust it. It knows what’s best for me.

I enjoy every gradual progress, every tiny step towards my vision, steadily increasing my self-esteem.

I choose to be mindful. To enjoy the process. That’s what life is. Maybe this is perfection.

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